Friday, December 11, 2009

On Tiger

Typically, I do not concern myself with celebrity scandals.  But, Tiger Woods is simply too interesting a scandal to not comment on.  Tiger's infidelity got me to thinking about the true nature of marriage.  Tiger is just the latest example of the fact that a marriage that removes God from its center is no marriage at all.

After all, without God as the center of a marriage, your vows really mean nothing.  All you are doing is making a promise to another human being.  And what is a promise anyway?  Another human being has no authority over you.  Another human being can not make you do anything that you do not want to do.  Another human being imposing his morality on you is just a meddler.  Bring God into the picture, however, and you have a different story.  God does have authority over you.  He can impose morality over you, because he is the law giver.  Further, you are accountable to God for everything you do, in the end.

I totally understand Tiger's actions.  He is a man who has not accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior, and as such there is no good reason why he should not have done what he did.  His oath meant nothing.  Morality means nothing.  All that matters is whether or not you can get what you want.  And he got it, because he is wealthy and powerful.  Everything he wanted was within his grasp.  Except for the fact that there is a God.  And Tiger's conscience is telling him that right now.  What Tiger really wants is God.  He just has not come to that realization yet.  Here's praying that he finds what he wants, the only thing that can ever satisfy him.


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  2. You and Brit Hume are are the same page...