Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The American Dream

American political philosophy has been perverted over the last 200 hundred years.  We now have some sort of amorphous concept known as "The American Dream", which essentially boils down to having a wife, a house with a garage, 2 cars, some land, and 2.2 kids.  When did America's dream boil down to mere physical things?  When did we lose the passion of our forefathers for our liberty?

If you would have asked Thomas Jefferson or James Madison about the American Dream, they would have said that the American dream would have consisted of living in a country in which the government respected the rights of its citizens to life, liberty, and property.  I honestly am puzzled that 150 years of capitalism combined with statist interventions has produced a generation of people so concerned with their material welfare that they have forgotten the real dream of their forefathers; the dream that all men were created equal, and that we all should have the right to live with minimal interference of the government into our lives. 

We need to rediscover this passion for liberty, and forget about our passion for cars, houses, and meeting society's material expectations.

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